It’s not work when you love what you do. And helping our clients get the best possible outcome is why we work so hard.

“Highly satisfied with my experience. This is one of the best law offices I’ve ever had. The communication is so professional and caring. The response time was great and things about the case were well explained. I would definitely recommend Alan Ripka & Associates Law Office to everyone.”⁠ – Nika S.⁠

Getting our clients the compensation they deserve makes us just as happy. We truly care!

Make no mistake, every testimonial is truly appreciated. We love helping all our clients get the justice and compensation they deserve!

That’s right! We will ALWAYS fight to make sure we get the best results for our clients.

Getting the best outcome for our clients is what drives us to work so hard each day.

Our client was hit by another vehicle while he was parking his car. When he got out, the vehicle hit him a second time- dragging him for a bit and then fled the scene. Luckily, our client is ok. Our team fought hard to make sure he got the compensation he deserved. Been a victim…

Our Client, Jennifer M. was traveling through an intersection in Brooklyn with a green light in her favor when the defendant ran a red light and struck her vehicle. At trial, the jury awarded Ms. Meggs $208,478.00. Prior to trial, the insurance company offered a fraction of the fair and just compensation she deserved. We…

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