Failure to diagnose cancer or the misdiagnosis of symptoms as some other condition could deprive a patient of critical medical treatment which may not be available later if the cancer progresses.

Cancer misdiagnosis often occurs when a family physician or doctor fails to give the proper time and attention to their patient or listen to their complaints. Failure to order diagnostic tests or make a referral to an oncologist could delay the cancer diagnosis months or even years.

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The vast majority of treatment rendered in the United States is done by general practitioners and emergency rooms.  These doctors treat a variety of conditions, and it is critical that they make an appropriate referral to a specialist when they encounter a complex condition, such as cancer.

With many forms of cancer, early detection and diagnosis of cancer can significantly impact the long-term impact of the disease and quality of life for the patient. Many cancer treatments are most effective before the disease spreads.  Therefore, if a doctor fails to detect symptoms or recognize complaints which would lead a reasonable doctor to diagnose cancer, the patient may be deprived of treatment options which could lead to a recovery.

A misdiagnosis of cancer symptoms, or failure make a referral to an oncologist or cancer specialist, can have a large effect on the patient’s health.

In some cases, a family physician may not make a prompt referral to a specialist for reasons that are not dictated by the best interests of the client, but by the financial interests of insurance carriers.  When financial interests are placed above the interests of the patient, there may be devastating repercussions.

Given the progressive nature of most cancers, prompt diagnosis and treatment can have a substantial impact on the ability to survive the disease. If cancer is diagnosed several months after symptoms and complaints were first presented to the doctor, cancer treatments may be less likely to be successful.


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