James Poletaev, Intake Administrator

James Poletaev exhibited a strong level of passion for the legal field at an early age, eagerly digesting the question posed by Plato in “The Republic” on the nature of justice; at the start of his undergraduate studies, as an intern in a PI firm, James was utilizing his bilingual skills to seek a veritable and just answer to this question, informed by logic, reason, and empathy. The basis of moral and social obligation is to pursue equity – helping those facing difficult obstacles has always been the north star for James, and bringing clients comfort, security, and a strong sense of reliability and communication is a dedication that he brings to the table daily.

James excels at breaking arguments down to their atomized parts and building strong foundations for logic and strategies for argumentation both inside and outside of the courtroom. The conjunction of law and helping his community is the crux of James’s passion, and simultaneously the place where he shines brightest.

Email: jpoletaev@alanripka.com
Phone Number: 212-557-4777