During the course of medical treatment, physicians are trusted to make correct decisions, and often these split-second decisions are the difference between successful treatment and devastating injuries.

If a medical provider is negligent and fails to give their full time and attention to the person they are treating, they should be held responsible for the injuries that they cause. Alan Ripka & Associates investigate potential medical negligence lawsuits for individuals throughout the United States.


Thousands of preventable medical mistakes occur every year. Determining whether a medical treatment error could have been prevented requires experienced medical malpractice attorneys and experts to review the circumstances surrounding the treatment.

While every medical mistake does not result in a medical negligence lawsuit, if you suspect a mistake or error resulted in a serious physical injury, you can obtain a free legal consultation and claim evaluation to determine if you or your family may be entitled to financial compensation.  Your claim will be reviewed and if you decide to move forward with a claim you will have access to the top medical experts and skilled malpractice trial attorneys on your side.

Alan Ripka and his professional staff have years of experience investigating complex medical mistake lawsuits and our clients recover multi-million dollars in malpractice settlements and verdicts every year.

All lawsuits over medical negligence are handled by our attorneys under a contingency fee agreement, which means that there are never any fees or expenses unless we obtain a recovery.

Every claim for medical malpractice has a time limit within which the lawsuit must be filed, known as the Statute of Limitations.  Time may be running out on your claim, so you should have any potential claim reviewed as soon as possible to make sure your family is protected.


If you, a friend or family member have been injured due to medical negligence, you should request a free consultation or call our 24-hour toll-free injury hotline at (84) GET-RIPKA to speak with an attorney. Even if you decide not to hire a lawyer, you should make sure you are aware of your legal rights.

There are no fees or expenses until we win your case. Every case has a time statute of limitations, so it is important that you make sure your legal rights are protected.

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