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Don’t Ever Take Your Jacket Off

An attorney must carry a certain persona at all times in order to gain maximum recovery in regards to your case. Your professionalism, attitude, confidence, vocabulary, mannerisms, facial expressions and even dress will set the stage for how you are perceived by your adversary, the court, and the jury. “Don’t ever take your jacket off,” says Alan Ripka, Esq.

The courthouse may not have air conditioning, causing you to feel internal combustion, but don’t take your jacket off. The tension from the pressure is getting to you, but don’t take your jacket off. Your shirt is bunched up under your arms or by your waist, but don’t take your jacket off. This philosophy is premised on the notion that you are uncrackable. The trial gods can be completely against you, and still your manner and demeanor is cool, calm and deliberate. The phrase “don’t ever let them see you sweat” analogously describes the notion that an adversary or fact finder that learns of your weakness will exploit it till you are destroyed. Removing your jacket, however, adds an element above fear and that is loss of armor. The belief by you that you can get away with removing your jacket, or the lack of perception that you look less like an advocate and more like a used car salesman, is a mistake that will only hurt your persona.

Maintaining your composure consists of many variables, all of which you must be conscious. The idea is that you must control all that can be controlled and planned. You must exhibit the highest degree of professionalism and preparation to be revered by the lawyer and lay person alike. Don’t ever take your jacket off, until your job is done, says Alan Ripka, Esquire.

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