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Babies Born With Erb’s Palsy

Bad births can lead to Erb’s Palsy, a condition in which nerves are stretched and cause the hand, arm, shoulder and face to be injured. Erb’s Palsy is frequently caused by the use of excessive force or inappropriate traction on the infant’s head or neck during childbirth. This should not happen with proper medical care, and you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the responsible doctors who caused this severe medical problem.

Erb’s Palsy will have characteristics such as limp arm, delayed healing of skin on the affected arm, loss of dexterity in the affected hand, loss of motor function in the affected arm, loss of sensation (from tingling to numbness) in the affected arm, underdeveloped arm muscles and bones (which generally makes the affected arm significantly smaller than the unaffected arm, if only one arm suffers Erb’s Palsy). In some cases, a baby affected by Erb’s Palsy will only face his/her good side, and is unable to face forward for a period of time. Because Erb’s palsy is caused by an injury at birth, it is almost immediately apparent. However, the extent of the injury may not be known for some months after the baby’s birth.

Erb’s Palsy may resolve itself if it is not severe. In some cases, physical therapy will be needed, and rarely, exploratory surgery may be recommended. Because nerves recover slowly, it may take months or years for the nerves to repair themselves. Many children will continue to have weakness in their shoulder, arm or hand. If the affected arm is smaller because of disuse, the size difference will most likely be permanent.

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