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Ongoing Recall, Rage RV5 and Others

People who want to stay fit and be healthy will often rely upon nutritional supplements in the forms of herbs and vitamins, based upon the representations, advertisements, labeling and marketing of the manufacturers and distributors of these products. Often times, there has been no scientific study on the effects of these drugs and the ingredients can cause serious injuries and conditions that are extremely adverse to your health, claims Alan Ripka, Esquire.

In November 2009, the FDA recalled sixty-two dietary supplements sold on, including Rage RV5, after an investigation discovered that the supplements contained steroids or steroid-like substances that are not approved by the FDA. This recall is ongoing to present day. The FDA believes that the ingredients contained in these supplements, including Superdrol, Madol, Tren, Androstenedione, and/or Turinabol, are steroids or are steroid-like.

Although has not yet received adverse reports from the recalled drugs, drugs that contain steroids may have the following side effects: acute liver damage; shrinkage of the testes; male infertility; masculinization of women; breast enlargement in males; short stature in children; a higher predilection to misuse other drugs and alcohol; adverse effects on blood lipid levels; an increased risk of heart attack; an increased risk of stroke; and death.

If you, a friend, or a loved one has suffered adverse effects after taking a product sold on that you suspect may contain a hidden steroid, you may be entitled to compensation. Alan Ripka and his professional team of lawyers can evaluate your situation and determine the next steps to gain justice for you and your family. Alan Ripka has fought against large companies in other matters and will fight for you if he believes you have a potential case for medical malpractice, products liability, personal injury, and is prepared to go to court and have a trial if necessary. Please call or contact Alan Ripka.