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Antibiotic Levaquin Can Cause Ruptured Tendon

Imagine being prescribed the antibiotic, Levaquin for a chest or sinus infection, and ending up with a torn tendon or tendonitis. Believe it or not, the antibiotic Levaquin has been know to cause tendons to tear and/or rupture, all without any warning to those who were prescribed or took the antibiotic. The Food and Drug Administration has mandated that a Black Box warning be placed on the packaging of Levaquin so that consumers can make informed choices regarding the risks versus the benefits of the highly prescribed bacteria killer.

“Most people will believe that they tore or ruptured their tendon – or have tendonitis – because of an abrupt movement or an injury during an activity, like sports, without realizing the disability, and the pain and suffering were really caused by Levaquin. The injury was no fault of their own.” claims Alan Ripka, Esquire. “One of the problems is that people go to their doctor complaining of pain without telling their doctor about their history of being on Levaquin. In these cases, the doctor inaccurately diagnoses the source of the injury as something other than the Levaquin. In these circumstances, people will never know they may have a legal action against the manufacturers of the antibiotic and may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, pain, discomfort, surgery, medical bills and lost earnings from being unable to work.”

If you have taken Levaquin and have been or are injured, call Alan Ripka to discuss your claim. It makes no difference what city you live in or where you got or took Levaquin. You can finally get an answer to the mystery of why you had a torn or ruptured tendon, with nothing seeming to cause it. Alan Ripka and his professional team of lawyers can evaluate your situation and determine the next steps to gain justice for you and your family. Alan Ripka has fought against all kinds of companies in other matters and will fight for you if I believe you have a potential case for medical malpractice, products liability, or personal injury. I am prepared to go to court and have a trial if necessary. Please fill out the form and submit or call and ask for me, Alan Ripka. Please specifically mention that you read the blog when contacting me.


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