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Standing in Your Clients’ Shoes

It seems that many lawyers have forgotten that their job is to do everything that the clients would do for themselves if they could. Clients hire lawyers because clients believe that law school and experience has given the attorney an ability they do not possess, says Alan Ripka, Esquire. Attorneys must remember that settling a case early may not be in the best interest of the client. Moving forward with the litigation, pressing on, and spending money to reach the maximum benefit for the client is the lawyer’s obligation. The client must believe that their lawyer is ready, willing, and able, from every standpoint, to go the distance if the defense refuses to settle.

It is entirely unfair for an attorney or firm to know at the first meeting that they are not willing to try a tough case or invest the money needed for experts, and not inform the client. A client has the absolute right to make a decision regarding their representation after knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the firm or a particular trial attorney. Alan Ripka believes that clients who have been injured in accidents, through medical malpractice, environmental toxins, birth injuries, wrongful deaths or construction accidents should absolutely know that their lawyer will stand in their shoes and fight just as hard with words, money, and experience, as needed, to win. That is all your author knows how to do – fight for the client!

If you or that of a loved one have been injured in any kind of accident, through medical malpractice, or from a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation. Alan Ripka and his professional team of lawyers can evaluate your situation and determine the next steps to gain justice for you and your family. Alan Ripka has fought against all kinds of companies in other matters and will fight for you if we believe you have a potential case for medical malpractice, products liability, or personal injury. I am prepared to go to court and have a trial if necessary. Please fill out the form and submit or call and ask for me, Alan Ripka. Please specifically mention that you read the blog when contacting me.