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Lap Band Erosion

The Lap Band is a device that fits around the top of your stomach. The Lap-Band procedure involves surgically placing an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach, which reduces the opening to the stomach. The inner liner of the gastric band is filled with saline that can be adjusted with more or less saline to create a smaller or larger opening. If weight loss is too small and the band is too loose, saline is added to reduce the opening. If the opening is too tight, saline can be removed.

Lap-Band erosion happens when the band penetrates into the stomach. Erosions can also increase risk of infection. When the band erodes into the stomach, bacteria from the stomach enter around the band, and spreads. Another indicator of erosion is loss of the band’s restrictive effect. When the band erodes into the stomach, food bypasses the band, and the patient can eat much more than before. Usually band erosion is caused by pressing the band too tightly against the stomach. Pressing the band too tightly is a departure from the standard of care that doctors must follow when administering such procedures, according to Alan Ripka, Esquire.

Treatment for erosion starts with prescribed antibiotics, followed by port removal. The band should also be completely removed. If the erosion is not diagnosed, the infection will continue even after the port is removed.

Many patients who develop erosion first notice pain, redness, and swelling at the access port site. Others notice that their weight loss stops, and they may instead begin to gain weight.

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