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Treacherous Taxicabs

Treacherous taxicabs cause accidents because of their reckless driving. Yellow cab drivers seem to believe that they have the right to break every rule of the road since they make a living driving, says Alan Ripka, Esq.

Whether it is speeding, changing lanes suddenly, stopping in the middle of the road, or cutting off cars to pick up a fare, taxicabs’ constant irresponsible conduct causes accidents and injuries.

The careless nature of cab drivers’ actions seems to come from a lack of training, education, and rule enforcement. Little has been done to put a foot down and stop the cab drivers from putting those around them in constant danger. Taxi drivers need to go through a rigorous drivers training program, along with testing both oral and written as to the rules of the road, and the rules of appropriate conduct. The Taxi and Limousine Commission, along with other authorities, need to prevent taxis from causing accidents, injuries, and fear on the roads.

Finally, there is empirical data that driving while talking on a cell phone reduces the drivers’ response time to sudden and unexpected situations. Considering that cab drivers are talking on their cellular phones for the entire length of the trip and at the top of their lungs, they cannot possibly be giving passengers and pedestrians the best opportunity of safety.

Be careful when entering a cab, and do not be afraid to tell the driver to stay off the phone or to slow down. It is your safety that is in the balance.

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