Starting an injury lawsuit can be frightening. Hiring a lawyer, reliving the circumstances of the accident, filling out paperwork and meeting deadlines is no easy task. Your choice in attorneys will simplify the process and put you at ease.

Alan Ripka says “with an experienced and well versed attorney the victims legal experience will be less troubling and understandable.”

Generally the beginning of a personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit is the most important. This is due to the documentation of all the pertinent facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Retrieving all the medical records and reports,early,allow for a thorough investigation before starting the case.

Often times there will be deadlines for filing notices of claims against the city, state and Port authority, to name a few. Statute of limitations, otherwise known as deadlines, to file and serve a defendant must be known in advance for planning and strategy. When you and your attorney are ready to sue the party that caused you injury or harm you must have all your ducks in order! Then and only then will you be able to take on your adversary and the legal defend team.

– Alan Ripka