Valsartan, a blood pressure medication, was recently recalled by several companies because the drug was contaminated with NDMA, a cancer-causing substance (which has also been previously used in rocket fuel production). Studies have shown that the pills contain up to 177 times the level of NDMA considered safe for consumption.

In 2018, the FDA reported that Valsartan produced by Chinese manufacturers Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals and Zhejiang Tianyu Pharmaceuticals contained this cancer-causing substance, yet have sold the contaminated Valsartan to several major drug makers. In addition, the FDA recalled some Valsartan products manufactured by Hetero Labs Limited, in India, labeled as Camber Pharmaceuticals Inc. This company is among 40 other companies sued over manufacturing such generic drug, which includes Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Mylan NV, and CVS Health Corp. Two months ago at a New Jersey hearing, attorneys held that in 2018, potentially over a million people nationwide consumed the contaminated Valsartan.

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