When a large truck or semi-tractor trailer collides with a passenger-sized motor vehicle, the results can be devastating. If a truck driver’s negligence results in an accident, the trucker and their insurance company should be held responsible for the injuries and damages they caused. These accidents are often caused by overworked drivers who fail to pay attention to the road. Even a minor impact from a semi-truck accident will have a significant impact on a motor-vehicle and can have serious consequences to an individual’s life.

It is possible for large trucks to be operated safely on the same highways as passenger size motor vehicles.  However, because of their size, trucks do require the driver to exercise a higher level of care and attention to ensure the safety of other vehicles on the road or highway.

Tractor trailers require a longer stopping distance than cars and often have limited visibility. After long hours of continuous driving, a negligent truck driver can cause serious injuries or even death if they fail to give their full time and attention to the road.


For over 25 years, Alan Ripka has been representing individuals injured in accidents caused by trucks and tractor trailers.

Large truck companies have full-time investigators working 24 hours a day after an accident to minimize their liability for injuries they cause. And while the victim is recovering from their injuries, the truck’s insurance company is taking steps which will reduce the amount of compensation they may be able to obtain.

Our attorneys can help make sure you and your family obtain all of the money and benefits you deserve.


The truck accident lawyers of Alan Ripka & Associates have the experience and resources necessary to level the playing field and make sure you get all of the benefits you are entitled to, not just what the truck company tells you they will pay.

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